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So PoI was a mixed bag this week. Read more... )
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Went to see Gravity at the movies tonight and really enjoyed it. Read more... )
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I've just caught Dicka at the cantuccini for the second time this evening. There were stored on the 5th shelf of the book case. He doesn't even jump that high for cat treats.
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Seen today at lunch: one of the construction workers from the construction site next to our office had a Watcher tattoo on his wrist. That was kinda awesome.

new TV!

17/9/13 22:06
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The new TV seasons are starting. Next week season 3 of Person of Interest will premier and I'm stoked already but for now it's the pilot for Sleepy Hollow. Reactions along the way behind the cut.

Sleepy Hollow 1.01 )
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If you end the day with 30 more unread emails than you started it with.

It's great that we are growing at the moment and busy and getting new contracts in all the time, but Jesus Christ I feel like I'm paddling like mad and still barely avoid drowning.
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I've succumbed to temptation and joined the ranks of those, who spam the internet with cute cat videos.

Rüdiger continues to be a weird cat in that he loves not yarn balls, but knitting needles. I he loves circular needles best but if there's nothing else around, he'll play with DPNs, too.
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Having to force two pills down.

I finally got a diagnosis for Rüdiger's persistent problems with diarrhea. According to the vet it's a particular strain of e.coli for which I'll have to dose my furballs with antibiotics twice daily for the next 10 days and because they don't weigh the same, they get different pills. Dicker gets one quarter pill each go around and poor Rüdiger gets one and a half pills. So aside from the fact that he's even less amendable to having pills stuffed down his gullet than Dicker, he has to suffer twice the indignity. Thankfully the fact that they get fed right after seems to let them forget their ordeal rather soon.
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I'm getting to the point where I decide what I want to make before I start throwing and it actually comes out sort of like planned.

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5/5/13 20:00
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I did some Star Trek/Star Gate themed pottery.

I'm not entirely happy with the glaze. It threw some weird bubbly spots but all in all not bad for a first try.
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Can we please have the week taken behind the barn and shot?

Dear fucking Lord!!!
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One of the things I wanted to try out pottery-wise was patterned pieces. The glazes I can use don't work for this, so I decided to work with different coloured clay. Use one kind for the bowl and the second for the pattern.

And then something weird happened. I wanted to do a dark bowl and a red pattern, but I didn't have the right kind of black clay, so I did the bowl in white clay and then painted it with black engobe. It looked ok after the first fireing but when I glazed and fired it again, something weird happened and the black engobe became patchy and see-through. I still like the result but I think I'll still look for another glaze. It's supposed to be clear, but it still changes the colour of the clay, particularly the red and black kind.

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Elementary 1x16 "Details"

It was a lovely episode
You, sir, were not assailed by a marksman. )

Person of Interest 2x15 "Booked Solid"

I wasn't all that impressed with the A plot of this week. And there was nothing new about the Machine either.

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Person of Interest 2x14 One Percent )

Elementary 1x15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs )

There is a little pottery store around the corner from the office, that offers lessons and the opportunity to rent a potters wheel. I took a few lessons in December and it was fun enough that I went back for more.

These two were the best from the lessons. It doesn't show well in the pictures but they are small and very thick walled. Still pretty though.

When I went back and rented time on a wheel, I got to play with other kinds of clay. As you can see, getting an even shape is not all that easy.

This one is the first one, where I finally figured out how to make an even, relatively thin-walled bowl. It's actually almost twice as big as the others. I'm not quite happy with the glaze. It was supposed to be clear and let the colour of the clay shine through, but I must have applied it too thickly, hence the whiteness.

This one is my favorite. I like the unevenness here and I think the colour of the glaze is gorgous on the black clay. Next time I just have to make it bigger. This one is only a small tea cup.

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There is a Kickstarter for a fan-run convention in London, August of this year. I've only ever been to "commercial" cons but this sounds very interesting.

Nine Worlds Geekfest

Let's see if it pans out.
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I love rice in all kinds of forms, but I've never managed to get the hang of cooking the perfect japanese style rice in a normal pot. After a lot of hemming and hawing and as a christmas present to myself, I splurged and bought myself a Zojirushi rice cooker. It arrived today and I'm in love. Perfectly plump and sticky rice, neither too soft nor too hard and I can skip the soaking and drying of the rice. I'll reserve final judgment until I've tried it out with brown rice, but if it works, I see my rice consumption taking a sharp uptick.
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Last night we got new Elementary and new Person of Interest. My cup runneth over

Elementary )

Person of Interest )
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Contrary to prior plans, I'm spending New Year's Eve home alone in the company of two grumpy cats. Rüdiger had developed a raging case of diarrhea and vomiting earlier today and thus been dragged to the vet to be accosted with a rectal thermometer and a syringe. So he at least has a reason to be grumpy. I have no idea why Dicka keeps hissing at everybody.

I guess I'll order something from the little Vietnamese restaurant around the corner and curl up with the books that [livejournal.com profile] dandelionteeth sent me.